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Club Name Heart of Illinois GTOs {Club Logo}
Club Location Bloomington, IL
Address 4 Carney Ct. Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone (309)662-5320
Website www.hoigto.com
Email ron@hoigto.com
About In 1996 the Heart of Illinois GTOs was founded by Buster Ferguson and  Danny Morgan and became the 60th chapter of The GTO Association of America (GTOAA).  The purpose of the club is to promote pride in ownership and preservation of the greatest American muscle car ever produced.... the PONTIAC GTO.  The Heart of Illinois GTOs encourages planned trips, events, social activities, auto exhibitions, displays, road rally and organized racing events.    We also assist members in locating cars and the parts and services to properly restore or modify their PONTIAC GTO.   The Heart of Illinois GTOs also promotes membership in and supports the basic ideals of the GTOAA.


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